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Currently more than 3,000 security system integrators in more than 100 countries use our products, including a number of basic computer hardware and fingerprint sensor providers.

Below are presented case studies that show how our biometric technology was integrated into customers' products, Solution Partner products based on our biometric technology and a list of scientific papers that present researches and experiments, performed using our technology.

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Product Information

Product name: TouchAccess

Product's field of application: Physical access control

Developed by
Computer ID,
Rua Otavio Ribeiro Da Silva, 87 - Bairro Santo Amaro, São Paulo, SP
Phone: +55 11 5682 0200

Development tool(s) used: VeriFinger SDK

Supported scanners and hardware requirements
• Cross Match Verifier
• DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 and 4500
• Futronic FS50, FS60, FS80, FS88, FS90
• Lumidigm Mercury and Venus

Supported OS and software requirements
Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / Server 2003 / Server 2008; Linux

Product description
TouchAccess is a complete access control solution that offers customers the speed, convenience, security and cost-effectiveness of fingerprint identification in a solution that can be customized to integrate with existing access control systems. The solution controls since visitors and cars using RFID tech to manage turnstile, doors and gates until the default users by fingerprints. Many reports are available and can be customized. The solution is available in desktop and web versions.
Read the case study (PDF).

Brief information about developer
Established in 1999 in São Paulo, Brazil, Computer ID has quickly grown to become one of the country's leading providers of biometric products and solutions for government, public and private sector companies. Computer ID offers a variety of biometric solutions for access control, time and attendance, healthcare insurance applications and general identification purposes. Company consultants work closely with customers to develop, install and maintain biometric systems that meet each customer's unique needs.

Other products, developed by Computer ID

ProductField of application
RobotIDTime and attendance control
TouchClockTime and attendance control

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