MegaMatcher Accelerator

Solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems

MegaMatcher Accelerator is a hardware/software solution that provides high speed, high volume biometric identification for national-scale projects.

The Extreme and Extended versions are designed to run on server hardware and perform fast biometric template matching on the server-side of a large-scale AFIS or multi-modal system. The Standard version and Development Edition are intended to be run on a common PC. MegaMatcher Accelerator software licenses are available for new and existing MegaMatcher Extended SDK customers.

Customers and References

MegaMatcher Accelerator is used in a number of national-scale biometric identification projects:

  • Ghana General Elections used MegaMatcher Accelerator units as part of MegaMatcher ABIS solution.
    The Electoral Commission of Ghana needed a biometric system for voter management during the Ghana's 2020 general elections. Neurotechnology successfully delivered the MegaMatcher ABIS solution, as well as provided all related services and products for the Ghana's Biometric Voter Management System. The deployed multi-biometric software allowed to cover all needs of the General Elections – from initial voter registration to final voter list preparation. The system deduplicated 17 million voter records and identified almost 16 thousand cases of duplicate voter registrations.
    Read the press release for more information.
  • DR Congo Voter Registration Project uses MegaMatcher Accelerator units as part of MegaMatcher ABIS solution.
    The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) of the Democratic Republic of the Congo needed to perform massive voter registration in order to prepare for DRC 2018 elections. Neurotechnology deployed the MegaMatcher ABIS solution with 11 MegaMatcher Accelerator Extreme units to provide enough performance for all-with-all comparison. The solution deduplicated 46.5 million voter records in less than 2 months. 5.3 million duplicate records and 900 thousand underage records were found.
    Read the case study (PDF).
  • Venezuela Voter Registration System is based on MegaMatcher Accelerator solution and MegaMatcher technology.
    The National Electoral Council of Venezuela wanted to update their existing voter registration system with a more open and cost-effective technology. The old system was built in 2004 and appeared to be expensive to maintain and expand. Ex-Clé has developed and implemented the new integrated biometric platform for the Venezuelan voter registration system using the MegaMatcher SDK and MegaMatcher Accelerator solution. The system was used during the 2012 Venezuelan presidential election and proved its speed and accuracy with biometric data from nearly 18 million registered people.
    Read the case study (PDF).
  • Ukraine's National Biometric Verification and Identification System is based on MegaMatcher Accelerator solution and MegaMatcher technology.
    The National Biometric Verification and Identification System of Ukraine is intended for creating a data bank with Ukrainian citizens biometric information. Talan Systems has developed the solution using the MegaMatcher SDK with MegaMatcher Accelerator units. At the moment there are 12 million people already enrolled into the system, which is capable to enroll up to 30,000 people per day, as well as serve identification requests in under 4 seconds.
    See the Solution Partner reference.
  • Sierra Leone Biometric Voter Registration System is based on MegaMatcher Accelerator solution.
    The National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone implemented a new multi-biometric voter registration system and sought a solution that would both ensure accurate registration of all eligible voters through de-duplication of the voter registration database and provide printed electoral lists and personalized voter cards. Zetes provided the National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone with multi-biometric AFIS and facial image voter registration de-duplication services using MegaMatcher Accelerator. 2.7 million voter records were processed in less than 6 weeks.
    Read the case study (PDF).
  • Mexico Multi-Biometric Enrollment System is based on MegaMatcher Accelerator solution and MegaMatcher technology.
    Mexico's tax collection agency required a fast and accurate biometric system for their digital identification and certification system. Vangent Mexico business unit and Biometria Aplicada have implemented the Multi-Biometric Enrollment System (MBES®) for high-volume iris, face and fingerprint identification. More than 3.5 million taxpayers have been enrolled in the system with a goal of 5 million to be enrolled by 2014.
    Read the case study (PDF).
  • Somaliland National ID Project uses three biometric modalities and is based on MegaMatcher Accelerator solution and MegaMatcher technology.
    Somaliland government decided to register all Somaliland citizens for the creation of a biometric National Identity Card system. Sahal Tech Solutions selected MegaMatcher Accelerator to provide the high level of security, accuracy and speed required for biometric registration and identification using fingerprint, face and iris biometrics. Biometric registration centers have been set up in every city and village in the country and almost 500,000 registrations were completed during the first months.
    Read the case study (PDF).

MegaMatcher Accelerator is a part of MegaMatcher SDK, which has been also used in multiple large-scale projects like voter registration, border control, passport issuance, national ID, civil and forensic AFIS projects.

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